Day 4 / tea ceremony training

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I wonder, if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow… or even stand up. My feet and legs are… dead… or maybe just numb. But looking back on a day full of amazing training, yeah, it was absolutely worth it. My „partner in crime“ was allowed to share the experience, but now for three days he’s staying in Kyōto while I’m going on a trip with the Musabi and Tamabi tea circles, which welcomed me so wonderful in the last semester. I hope so much, that I’ll be able to continue the training when I’m back in Berlin.

Yeah, there were so many wonderful insights to see, but as it’s with things like these, when it’s so wonderful and important, making photos isn’t worth to make a break of soaking in the experience. But I can share a pic of a street near Gion, where we had a short dinner before training another three and a half hours.